Design and Cogging Torque Reduction of Radial Flux Brushless DC Motors with Varied Permanent Magnet Pole Shapes for Electric Vehicle Application




Cogging Torque, Radial Pole Shaping, Electric Vehicle, Brushless DC Motor, Geometry Modifications, Design variation Techniques, Torque Ripple


Brushless direct current motors have more attractive features, making them a promising solution for electric vehicle applications. A 1 kW, 510 rpm, 24-slots and 8-pole inner runner type surface permanent magnet mounted radial flux brushless DC motor with seven different permanent magnet pole shape rotor is investigated. Motors with different permanent magnet shape rotors were designed, and finite element modelling and simulation were carried out. For performance comparison, the initial design with a radial-type pole shape was regarded as a reference design. Cogging torque is detrimental to the overall performance of the motor, typically in low-speed applications like electric vehicles. The primary aim of this paper is to reduce the cogging torque & study its effect on the overall performance of the motor and minimize torque ripples with reduced permanent magnet requirements. The proposed designs are analyzed in terms of cogging torque, flux density, torque, efficiency, flux linkage and back-EMF. The comparative analysis shows that the motor with bump-shaped permanent magnet rotor poles has better
performance than the others.


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Author Biographies

Tanuj Jhankal, Department of Electrical, Insitute of Technology, Nirma University

Mr. Tanuj Jhankal is a PhD scholar (Full-Time) in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Institute of Technology, Nirma University. He graduated in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Rajasthan Technical University, Rajasthan. He received his MTech degree in Electrical Engineering (Power Electronics, Machines and Drives) from the Institute of Technology, Nirma University, Gujarat in 2019. He has 2 years of teaching experience and has published several International / National journal and conference research papers. His areas of interest are Advance Electric Machines and Renewable Energy Conversion Systems. He is also associated with the International Association of Engineers and the IAENG Society of Electrical Engineering.

Amit N. Patel, Department of Electrical, Institute of Technology, Nirma University

Dr. Amit N. Patel is Associate Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department, Institute of Technology, Nirma University. Dr. Patel obtained degree of PhD in Electrical Engineering from Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya in the field of Design of Advanced Electrical Machines. He obtained degrees of BE and ME in Electrical Engineering from Nirma Institute of Technology, India in the year of 1999 and 2004 respectively. Dr. Amit N. Patel has authored 10 papers in referred international journals and 15 papers in international conferences of repute. He has guided more than 25 post-graduate dissertations. He has been serving Institute of Technology, Nirma University since 2003. He worked as a resource person in many consultancy projects and training programs. He works as a member of BoS of the Electrical Engineering Department and board member of NITAA. He has completed 02 funded Research Projects successfully as Principle Investigator. His areas of interests are design, performance improvement and optimization of conventional as well as advanced electrical machines. He is reviewer of referred international journals. Dr Patel has been honored in international conferences with the best paper award. He is the life member of ISTE and SPE(I).





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Jhankal, T., & N. Patel, A. (2023). Design and Cogging Torque Reduction of Radial Flux Brushless DC Motors with Varied Permanent Magnet Pole Shapes for Electric Vehicle Application. Transactions on Energy Systems and Engineering Applications, 4(2), 1–13.