Transactions on Energy Systems and Engineering Applications is an international journal that promotes research to solve real-life problems. The goal is to publish the highest quality research regarding applied mathematics and energy systems that cover all the engineering areas for solving complex and current issues. The Journal selects the articles based on high-quality standards, and it is edited by the Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar.

ISSN: 2745-0120 (Online)

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Construction and Simulation of a Planar Transformer Prototype

Sebastian Guarin, Sergio Velarde, Edwin Castaño, Alexander Molina-Cabrera


Implementation of an Energy Management System in Colombian Manufacturing - A Methodological Approach

Juan David Marin Garcia, Juan David Marin Jiménez, Sandra Ximena Carvajal Quintero


Impacts of the Inclusion of Distributed Generation on Congestion of Distribution Networks and in the Islanding Operation Capability

Jose David Beltrán Gallego, Leidy Daniela Castro Montilla, Alexandra Castro Valencia, Camilo Augusto Giraldo Muñoz, Dahiana López García


Application of the Sine-Cosine Algorithm to the Optimal Design of a Closed Coil Helical Spring

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Cabal, Luis Fernando Grisales Noreña, Carlos Alberto Ramírez Vanegas, Andrés Arias Londoño