Jose David Beltrán Gallego Leidy Daniela Castro Montilla Alexandra Castro Valencia Camilo Augusto Giraldo Muñoz Dahiana López García


The growing demand for electricity in the world has led to power systems having to constantly increase their generation capacity and expand their transmission and distribution systems. Consequently, distributed generation has positioned as a technology able to integrate generation close to consumption centers, freeing up capacity in the transport systems, which can be translated into a deferral of investments in network expansion. Therefore, this paper analyzes the impact of the inclusion of distributed generation in the congestion of a typical distribution network and evaluates the potential of providing the island operation capability ancillary service in a section of the system to identify the possible challenges and benefits that the development of this technical support service could have in typical Colombian distribution networks.

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Beltrán Gallego, J., Castro Montilla, L., Castro Valencia, A., Giraldo Muñoz, C., & López García, D. (2021). Impacts of the Inclusion of Distributed Generation on Congestion of Distribution Networks and in the Islanding Operation Capability. Transactions on Energy Systems and Engineering Applications, 2(2), 15-22. Retrieved from https://revistas.utb.edu.co/index.php/tesea/article/view/441


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