Juan David Marin Garcia Juan David Marin Jiménez Sandra Ximena Carvajal Quintero


This paper aims to analyze mechanisms such as the Energy management systems approach in industry 4.0. The paper is a review of techniques for optimizing energy consumption with energy efficiency, advanced metering infrastructure and
rational and efficient use of energy to reduce the pollution as well as to strengthen Industry 4.0 models and the monitoring and management opportunities that exist with the implementation of this models in Colombia.

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Marin Garcia, J., Marin Jiménez, J., & Carvajal Quintero, S. (2021). Implementation of an Energy Management System in Colombian Manufacturing - A Methodological Approach. Transactions on Energy Systems and Engineering Applications, 2(2), 9-14. Retrieved from https://revistas.utb.edu.co/index.php/tesea/article/view/440


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